You have no idea of how much you have helped me with my own personal fitness journey. Thank you

-Charlotte Kepic

The Team at Edge PT has helped me recover and lose weight after tearing my Achilles tendon.


I want to thank you for all the help and support you have given me over the years, you have been my coach. I feel better now at the age of 67 than when I was 37. I also look a lot better. I take no meds or have no pains. I look forward to competing for many more years.

-Dr. Ola Madsen

I have been coming to the Team at Edge PT for physical therapy and personal training. They have helped me manage my diabetes and recover from my injuries.


In the last three months I have lost thirty pounds. Team at Edge PT has done a terrific job.


Since I started training at Edge PT, I have a lot more energy. And, I have lost ten pounds!


I have been coming to the Team at Edge PT for the last ten years. Edge PT has helped me through three back surgeries by providing the physical therapy and personal training that I need.


It’s wonderful at Edge PT. They are encouraging and supportive of your goals.


The Team at Edge PT has motivated me to make positive lifestyle changes.


I am a police officer with the city of Los Angeles and we get a lot of injuries. They have helped me recover from disc replacements in my back, hernia, and foot surgery.


I have been going to the Team at Edge PT for over 3 years.  Two years ago, I was diagnosed with Breast cancer, had surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.  They were very supportive.  Thanks to the training I got here from Team at Edge PT before my cancer diagnosis my recovery was much better.  When I was able to go back to Edge PT, they were instrumental in getting me better and now I am getting stronger with the help of the Edge PT team.  Thank you!


In five weeks I have lost ten pounds of 4% body fat. And with physical therapy, Edge has helped my shoulder heal.


I am really pleased with what’s going on at EdgePT. I really enjoy coming here.


They helped me recover from two ACL injuries and now I am at the top of my game!


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