We accept most insurance companies, including: PPO’s, Medicare, Worker’s Comp., TriCare and TriWest. Please contact our office for more information. Cash payment option are also available at discount prices. Please visit your insurance provider’s website to see if we are listed under your insurance network.

Beginning January 1, 2014, you no longer need a physician referral to see a Physical Therapist.

Please visit the Direct Access potion of our website for details.



Studies have shown that RFP (referral for profit clinics) oftentimes do not provide the quality care that you are entitled to. Please refer to the Direct Access page for further explanation. And, just because a clinic may not be “in-network” doesn’t mean you cannot seek services there. It might mean that their pay rate is lowered or you have more out-of-pocket expense. DO NOT let that stop you from seeking physical therapy at the best place that fits your needs. If EdgePT is listed as out-of-network, give us a call and we will gladly work with you to see that you receive excellent PT services that you need to achieve your goals.



If your insurance is work-related, we accept most Workman’s Compensation Referrals.  Simply call your adjuster and request that you be seen at EdgePT.  We cannot schedule your first visit, however, until we receive WRITTEN confirmation that your WC Company will be handling the claim and paying for the services.



We accept Medicare Referrals. There is a monetary limit on the amount Medicare will pay per year. We will discuss this at the time of your first visit and maximize your time with us. We will not go over the limit and will make sure that you know exactly how to handle your problem at home when you are approaching your maximum number of allowed dollars.



We are contracted with this insurance of our Military Personnel. Before being seen, you must be authorized for the number of visits your doctor ordered and the number of units that this company will pay for. Usually, this information is obtained by the patient as you must request to be seen at our clinic. Once you have received the paperwork, contact our office and we will get you scheduled.

We are not set up to accept HMO’s. However, we offer options for payment and discounts for cash-paying clients.

We realize in this day and age that co-pays and deductibles are on the rise. Sometimes it might be more cost-effective for you to pay cash. We offer discounts to cash-paying customers and interest-free payment plans if you qualify. We bundle treatment packages and offer a variety of services and treatment visits based on your condition.

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