Sports Skills Athletic Development Programs

Victory Training has partnered with the best coaches in the area to create its Athletic Development (AD) programs. We let the experts in a specific sport teach you club level advanced skills while Victory Training unlocks your athletic performance to get the most out of those skills. Sessions are split between skills training and performance workouts. This is more than basic skills training and conditioning. This will get you ready to excel on your school or club team.


The Football skills development program is for all ages 5 to 18. Players will be
divided by skill level. The program includes advanced skills training and game
situations by position group. The program will include training on fundamentals
such as passing, catching, offense and defense as well as team skills like
running plays. Coaches will also work with the athletes on improving power,
speed, quickness and agility. Our program’s goal is to further develop an
athlete’s skills and confidence while maintaining a positive and enjoyable

Program includes:

  • Football speed and agility
  • Explosiveness and power improvement
  • Position skills and technique
  • Competitive group drills
  • Team Competition
  • Elite Skills Training
  • Small Group Drills

Equipment and Facilities:

  • Turf Training Space
  • Indoor Sand Court

Clinics: Tuesday/Thursday Skills Clinics, Lineman and Line Backer Skills
Camps: Saturday Skills Camp
Coaches: Turnbull Tuliaupupu, BB Hudson

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